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Your first Visit 
What to expect in your first visits to Superhealth
The purpose of your first visit is to get a thorough understanding of your unique health story, answer any questions you may have and determine if the Superhealth approach to healthcare can help you.
You are unique and your story holds information that will help us to find the right solution to your concern
When you arrive you will be warmly greeted by one of our friendly well trained front desk staff who will play a short informative DVD explaining the Superheath approach to whole body healthcare. If you haven't already completed your history story in your secure online health file, we will ask you to complete paper forms. This will form the basis of a discussion about your primary health concern. 

Following this you will meet with your Superhealth practitioner who will discuss your health concerns, explain how we can assist you and, if you are in acute pain, address this to make you comfortable.

Completion of the initial visit usually takes 45 minutes so please allow ample time so we have time to cover all your needs.

Detailed Examination gives Insight 

Following our initial consultation we will book you in for tests as soon as possible to find the cause of your health concerns. We have selected a number of established profile questionnaires that you will complete in your secure digital health file. The valuable and relevant information will let us know the complexity of your health concern. The body is a closed system. Everything is connected, the body will often cause a symptom as it deals with weakness or injuries. In addition we use the latest technology equipment to measure resting muscle tone, blood flow through the muscles of the spine and the state of balance of your nervous system.
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Initial Examination of your Physical, Biochemical and Behavioural Profile
This appointment will take approximately 60 minutes and is a thorough examination of your neurological, posture, balance, muscle activity and organ health.

Through this comprehensive analysis your Superhealth practitioner will be able to determine the safest most effective treatment to ensure your body can start to regain its healthy functions.

These examinations ensure we are treating exactly what is needed rather than band-aiding symptoms that may be masking the real cause of your health concerns.
Analysing Your Exam Results 
Analysing Your Exam Results 
Your Superhealth practitioner will analyse your examination results and determine a personalised care plan which will be delivered at your next appointment. This appointment will be scheduled for as soon as you can visit again, preferably within the next 24 hours.
On your third visit your Superhealth practitioner will present you with the outcomes of their findings. This will include showing you what the X-Rays revealed as well as going though the outcomes of all tests undertaken. This information is tied back to Your health history provided in your initial appointment as well as questionnaires you have completed and any symptoms or pain present. This is your opportunity to seek clarification of anything that is not clear. It is very important at Superhealth that you are fully aware of the treatment prescribed and the reasons. We want You to and be involved in any decisions going forward. A Superhealth whole body adjustment tailored to you, will complete this visit.

You will be presented with your treatment plan and the costs. Superhealth offers plans for all clients as a means of ensuring you are able to achieve the results you want without worrying about costs and payment at each appointment.
Starting Your Care 
Your personalised care is your first step toward Superhealth. 
Once these initial processes are complete you will commence your program of whole body adjustments.  In Your first appointement a review of the Superhealth approach for your health issue and the adjustment prescription will be reviewed.  We want You to fully understand the program of adjustments prescribed.

Personalised care based on Your Individual Exam Results 

Your body is designed to respond to major impacts or change. To get the best out of your ongoing care we undertake a series of regular adjustments. You are unique and we work with your pattern of health problems. The Superhealth body corrections are precise and gentle using your own movements to get long lasting changes in your system outcomes. Coming to the Chiropractor is like regular visits to the gym. Miss a visit and your body can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes. Our practices are open six days a week including Saturdays at Winston Hills and Leura so there will be always be appointment times to fit in with your busy schedule.

Regular Progress Assessments

Progress evaluations are undertaken regularly according to your health needs to measure your body’s progress and ensure your Superhealth program stays on course with your body’s changing requirements. By undertaking these regular evaluations we achieve your goals quicker and adapt our treatment to suit your personal requirements.
Superhealth or Disease management?
Patient centred care...  
Disease care is for when you need it, healthcare is for life. Just as your car will perform better and last longer if is regularly serviced, so too will your body be more resilient and have greater vitality if you have a regular program of health adjustments at Superhealth. We all have stressors in our lives – chemical, emotional and physical. However having a team of health professionals looking after you will ensure your body always has the resources to handle whatever life throws your way. And that means a better life for you.

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